Anyone can run an online store but not many stores are run by experienced people with their heart and soul in the business.

GroXers.com was started by a team of passionate people in the foodservice business with more than 75 years of professional experience to boot. While we do not claim to be the cheapest or have the widest range of products, after servicing the F&B industry for this long, we certainly know a thing or two about food (and groceries in general, for that matter).

At GroXers.com, we believe that service is more important than the products that we carry. Everyone can sell you black olives, but not many online stores will be able to share what else can you do with black olives! Therein lies the GroXers difference.

And unlike conventional online stores, we have someone you can talk and write to, and even somewhere you can walk to to see what we have. If you have a kitchen or food related question, write to our ConXierge and we will try to our best to answer it – even if it's not directly related to our products.

At GroXers.com, we go beyond selling groceries at a click of a button.

As a group of companies, our mission and motto is to put a thought into everything that we do and we would like to share this idealogy with all our GroXers customers as well.


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