What is a concierge?


1. A staff member of a hotel or apartment complex who assists guests or residents, as by handling the storage of luggage, taking and delivering messages, and making reservations for tours.

2. A person, especially in France, who lives in an apartment house, attends the entrance, and serves as a janitor.

concierge - a French caretaker of apartments or a hotel; lives on the premises and oversees people entering and leaving and handles mail and acts as janitor or porter

caretaker - a custodian who is hired to take care of something (property or a person) 

Who is the ConXierge?

Simply put, a concierge is someone who looks after the needs of people and in our case, our ConXierge takes care of all the food-related questions, queries and concerns that come through GroXers.com. Just as the hotel’s concierge looks after the needs of its guests, our concierge will dish out advice and ideas to our Xhoppers. 

Examples of questions you can ask our ConXierge

1) What can I do with my leftover bread?
2) If I buy in bulk, how do I store my large tin of tuna?
3) Where can I buy freshly frozen meats?
4) What is the difference between dijon and pommery mustard?
5) How can I make jam from canned fruits?
6) How do I make roast beef gravy?
7) I have a party for 10 friends. Do you have ideas for easy finger food?
8) What product can I use to make cream-based soups?
9) How long can I store an opened tub of mayonnaise?
10) Is there a difference if I use canned pineapples instead of fresh pineapples? 

Whatever you need to know, we will try our best to answer and share what we know. It may not be the best solution (but we will put in our best effort) but our ConXierge is here to share our knowledge and experience with our Xhoppers.

For all questions related to our operations such as delivery timings, mode of payment and minimum delivery, please refer to our FAQs. For everything else, check with our ConXierge.

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